turn your ideas and assets into incredible AR experiences

What’s in an Experience?

Experiences are the essential fabric of our life. We base our memories and skills on experiences. Through the hyperspaces platform you can create endless experiences with the help of many different kinds of multimedia contents coming from many different kinds of sources

Videos, images, 3D models/animations, triggers of any kind are just some of the basic bricks that make our experiences

hyperspaces are built upon experiences as they trigger and overlay arbitrarily complex multidimensional layers onto the physical world thus enabling new ways of interacting with the world

Content Formats

3D models/animations(.FBX)


Maps (.png, .jpg)

Geolocated information

External URLs




Supported 3D modeling Programs

We support a workflow based on some of the best professional 3D modeling and content creation software:


3ds Max




Uses Cases

No limits to creativity

  • Architects, Engineers and Construction companies have a new way to access and manage information on site and present their projects
  • Teachers create experiences to add engaging digital information to the workplace or to printed materials in the classroom
  • Companies can improve their sales by engaging users with product digital information both in store and in catalogues through natural interactive interfaces within a limited budget
  • Publishers can rely on unique tools that enable a totally new way to create cross-media products
  • Museums and Cultural Heritage institutions can create immersive visiting experiences through a variety of assets and technologies
  • Augmented experiences will help you addressing your design goals at the edge of the physical and digital world.

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