create unique augmented reality experiences

hyperspaces is ARmedia’s new platform for creating unique Augmented Reality experiences. Experiences, not just contents. Multiple experiences that simultaneously take place in the real world jointly define what we call an “Hyperspace”

a single AR Platform for different purposes

  • The platform provides a wide variety of tools and methods that enable augmented experiences that span across different applicative domains and populate the Augmented World
  • Through hyperspaces you will rely on a first class perceptual computing platform that allows you to access and use information when you need it, where you need it

a flexible solution to create AR experiences

From simple to complex, the path to creating meaningful AR experiences has never been that easy. With hyperspaces you will be enabled to create both simple, single­content experiences, and arbitrarily complex, hierarchical multi­content experiences

With a direct flow from your multimedia assets to experiences, you will open new digital windows on the real world. The platform offers all that is required to add value to your projects and contents by putting then into the right context when is needed where is needed

The platform is designed to improve visualization and engagement capabilities in a variety of applicative domains, including Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Marketing & Printing, Cultural Heritage, Entertainment, Industrial Maintenance


start to experience the hyperspaces, Now!

  • Download the hyperspaces App to start experience the world in a new way
  • Register on the platform and start creating your own experiences in seconds

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