a single platform for many purposes

hyperspaces platform allows you to create complex AR experiences for different application domains without writing a line of code. It provides all that is required to achieve your creative and applicative goals with a variety of tools and techniques

Overview on the Platform

  • Thanks to hyperspaces, every image, object and even place can have its own Experiences associated! Through these experiences, buildings, sites, rooms, magazines, equipment come to life with a variety of digital and interactive contents
  • hyperspaces creates a bridge between the things in the world and the web to provide users with fresh, up to date and contextual information using the best of Augmented Reality technology
  • Augmented experiences will help you address your design goals at the edge of the physical and digital world


A whole set of features to get the best out of your assets

about Tracking & Sensing Technologies

Planar Images


3D Objects

QR Codes


about the Frontend and Backend infrastructure

  • The Platform comprises a web interface and cloud infrastructure that allows you to create and host your experiences and projects
  • It also comprises a mobile App and utilities that allow users to access the experiences smoothly and intuitively


Getting Started

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    hyperspaces Wizard will help you create your experiences in seconds. Just register and start exploring the tools


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    A context sensitive online help - together with a growing number of infographics and tutorials - will guide you throughout the whole process of creating and deploying even the most complex scenarios


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    Start learning the basics right now!